Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sign Up for Accounting Training in Edmonton Without the Buyer's Remorse

There are remarkably few companies in Edmonton that provide accounting software training (QuickBooks training courses). Once in a while, a big name accounting training firm will roll into town and set up shop in a local hotel or boardroom. Most of these companies are from the States, few of these training companies are Canadian. What a lot of them do is advertise and hire a traveling trainer or a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor to hold the class. This can all lead to disappointment when completing the QuickBooks course.


Dymas Services Ltd. is a new training company on  the scene. They are based out of Calgary, AB and a pretty cool company to learn QuickBooks with. They do not farm any of their classes out, all QuickBooks courses are taught by the man behind the company. The material is up-to-date and well worth the price (cheaper than other training companies teaching QuickBooks courses). 

Think About it BEFORE you Buy

Just think about it before you buy a training package for QuickBooks. What is the point of going to a QuickBooks course? You should not only receive a Certificate of Completion to show to your employer, you should also be knowledgeable in operating the software. A few perks of going to a live class that you can NEVER get out on an online course is that you'll be able to network with others who have the same goals as you. All these things are available to you with Dymas Services Ltd. QuickBooks training courses. 

Who's Training You?

Big shot companies hire trainers who have experience in the software operation and navigation, but little to no real world accounting knowledge. This right here is where you have a huge advantage by training with Dymas Services Ltd. For many years the company has done tax preparation and bookkeeping for corporations and small businesses, so they have plenty of advanced experience with some of the most complex tax situations. The other trainers typically do not have this and may not be able to answer tax related questions when it comes to making tricky journal entries and so forth. 

When it comes to accounting training in Edmonton, Dymas is a serious contender. If you want an information packed, Here's-How-to-Do-It kind of a training course, sign up for Dymas Services Ltd. QuickBooks training courses. You won't regret it. 



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